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Multi Point Locks

A security trend for entry doors that started decades ago in Europe has finally gained popularity in North America – the multi-point locking system. This concept was first conceived in the window and patio door manufacturing industries, and as energy and security demands for entry systems has increased, it has gained significant popularity in entry door manufacturing.

The big advantage of multipoint locking systems over deadbolt locking systems is increased security (three locking points, instead of one) and improved energy performance (when the locks are engaged, it pulls the door slab tightly against the weather-strip, reducing the possibility of air draft infiltration. Most of us know that criminals can kick down a single deadbolt lock to gain entry to your home but a multi-point system will make it virtually impossible to gain entry by kicking in the lock side of an entry system.

Another reason for the increased popularity of multipoint locking systems is the manufacturers are recommending they be used on longer seven and eight-foot doors and especially on fiberglass doors to prevent or minimize thermal bowing of doors when temperatures extremes exist between inside and outside the home. Multipoint locking systems were originally designed for solid wood doors for this reason.

Benefits of Multi Point Locks

  • Typically, there are at least three locking points on a multipoint system. This divides the “forced entry” pressure or load across the full length of the door panel, instead of only in the middle.
  • Hooks or tongues used at the various locking points provide precise compression of the weather seal and door alignment in the frame, ensuring the lock operates smoothly and achieves maximum security.
  • Additional security is achieved by the effective use of shoot bolts that throw a bolt into the head and sill of the frame by an upward movement of the handle.
  • For all the benefits multipoint locking systems offer, their demand and popularity will increase as the energy efficiency codes continue to become more challenging for door manufacturers.
  • Entry door manufacturers are recognizing the value and need of installing a stainless steel multi-point locks for the same reasons.

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