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Shaping the look of Greater Toronto Area

Toronto’s diversity in building is unique. So are Elba windows and doors, designed for stone, or brick, or stucco, or siding – whatever your needs, let Elba Windows and Doors show to you the solution to enhancing your home.

  • Changing your existing failing windows to Elba windows may dramatically add curb appeal to your home, increasing value at the same time as decreasing energy costs.
  • Toronto’s climate demands Energy Star certified windows, and Elba Windows and Doors have it.
  • Toronto’s long cold winters with snow and ice on the outside, you will remain warm inside because of our multi-chambered frames and sashes, triple weatherstripping, thermal edge spacerbars, Low E glass, argon filled units.
  • For our hot humid summers, our windows are designed to reflect the heat out and keep you cool inside.
  • Especially Toronto, most of the year it is too hot, too cold, or too wet to paint except for a few weeks a year – our windows are maintenance free vinyl, never needing painting. Our white stays white, never yellows. Check out our solid sandstone colour extrusion. Coloured windows include heat reflection coating.
  • Noise from Toronto’s traffic is no problem with Elba’s noise reduction technology, including triple-glazing, high density gas filled, and laminated glass options.
  • Windows with cambered or arch tops, operable, are available so that you may keep your home blending into Toronto neighbourhood but with all the latest technological advancements for warmth and security.
  • Colonial, Tudor, New Age … Elba Windows and Doors offers choice! Prairie grilles, Colonial grilles, muntin bars between the glass, or exterior bars for an authentic divided lite look – we have it.
  • Elba Windows and Doors will manufacture your windows specifically for your home, and our professional installation will assure you beauty, quality, and weatherproof performance.
  • Security is greatly increased with Elba’s multi-point locking features.
  • Help Toronto lower greenhouse gas emissions by replacing inefficient windows with high energy efficient windows from Elba. Using less energy per home will greatly help Canada in its efforts to reduce global warming.
  • Especially in Toronto’s housing resale market, new windows upgrading ranks high for return on investment. Adding beauty and comfort giving your home a face-lift, while at the same time lowering energy costs is almost a necessity today for high resale value

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For Professionals

We provide complete support services for our network of dealers throughout Southern Ontario.

We start with an initial training session to ensure your fact finding on windows, doors, patio doors, French doors and transoms is complete, safeguarding you  against surprises for wrong-sized products later on.

We support the products we manufacturer:

  • all products are backed by warranties supplier by Elba and its suppliers
  • design service support is included to problem solve challenging situations
  • installation services are available
  • product literature and quoting forms are supplied
  • Elba specializes in working with architects to transform ideas into custom window and doors.

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