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Double Slider Windows

In double slider tilt windows, both sashes glide horizontally from end to end and they also rotate inwards for easy cleaning. They remain stationary and secure when in a tilt position.

This extremely strong and durable window design has interlocking sashes for increased security and twin fin seals to ensure perfect weather-sealing, offering both insulation and soundproofing. The slider’s air-tightness and maximum security locks set this product apart from others. Hardware is concealed within the frame to provide a clean appearance. This window is easily installed, exceptionally durable, requires little or no maintenance, is simple to clean and enhances a home’s energy efficiency. It is the best one suggested for basements as an egress window.


  • Maintenance-free vinyl frames constructed from genuine extruded material that will not rot, rust, peel, crack, deform, require paint or retain moisture;
  • Multi-chambered, multi-cavity, thick wall, high impact, rigid vinyl extrusion for added insulation and strength;
  • Smart designed drainage system with sloped sills to prevent water trapping under the insulated glass unit, reducing the possibility of premature seal failure;
  • Engineered for new custom home construction and custom sizes for replacement applications;
  • Fitted with full weather-stripping providing a solid barrier against air, water and noise;
  • Secure mullion interlocking between the sashes creating a labyrinth thereby effectively reducing the draft and noise coming through;
  • Both sashes tilt for cleaning purposes;
  • Full, removable screen positioned on the outer part of the window;
  • Warm-edge spacer bar and LowE glass and argon gas filled between two panes of glass for superior energy efficiency, reduced condensation that create an effective thermal barrier to help reduce the heat loss through the window.
  • Various types of grills and grill patterns enabling you to choose a style that complements the beautiful architecture of your home;
  • Locking system for enhanced security and fingertip-easy opening;

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