Window Style

Awning Windows

They belong to the same group as casement windows except usually they are wider than they are tall and are hinged along the sides of the frame and crank open from the bottom. Very modern, very versatile, no restrictions on ratio between width and height.

These windows are best suited for wider and shorter openings and can be positioned above or below any window or door to add height or can be used alone or in vertical or horizontal groups to create a wall-lite effect and at the same time increase air circulation and light without compromising on privacy. Scissor arm rotor gear operators provide effortless opening and closing. Sash lock provides extra security and ensures a tight fit to the weather-stripping. Heavy duty concealed hinges provide trouble free operation and allow cleaning from the inside.


  • Maintenance-free vinyl frames constructed from genuine extruded material that will not rot, rust, peel, crack, deform, require paint or retain moisture;
  • Multi-chambered, multi-cavity, thick wall, high impact, rigid vinyl extrusion for added insulation and strength;
  • Unique design consisting of 3 rubber weather-stripping providing a solid barrier against air, water and noise;
  • Stainless-steel hinges and screws and scissor operators provide trouble free and effortless opening and closing to approximately 45°.
  • Smart designed drainage system with sloped sills to prevent water trapping under the insulated glass unit, reducing the possibility of premature seal failure;
  • Multi-point locking hardware for convenience, enhanced security and fingertip-easy opening;
  • Sash lock provide extra security and ensure tight fit to the weather stripping;
  • Warm-edge spacer bar and LowE glass and argon gas filled between two panes of glass for superior energy efficiency, reduced condensation that create an effective thermal barrier to help reduce the heat loss through the window.
  • Various types of grills and grill patterns enabling you to choose a style that complements the beautiful architecture of your home;
  • Spring-loaded easy removable screen;
  • Engineered for new custom home construction and custom sizes for replacement applications;
  • Can be used as a single window or mulled together for window-wall, or joined to any other window in a combo unit.

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